What is the store Return Policy?
Please note that E&T does not process returns or refunds- all products are final sale. Purchases that have been damaged or compromised during the shipping process may be reimbursed on a case by case basis; however shipment, customs or taxation charges via the buyer's home country cannot be refunded. 
I made a mistake on my delivery address, is it possible to change it?
It is possible to amend or edit addresses so long as the purchase has not been shipped. If you need a fix, please email eggandtoaststore@gmail.com as soon as possible! However if the destination address is outside of Canada, the item cannot be returned to us due to the shipping services we utilize and therefore will be discarded. 
If the shipment is within Canada, we can try and arrange it to be returned to us and re-sent, however any secondary shipping fees must be paid by the customer.
Do you ship to the EU/UK?
We are in the process of setting up an Etsy storefront to manage EU/UK orders, but at the moment this storefront cannot set up orders to the UK. EU orders are possible, however please bear in mind that Egg & Toast does not have an IOSS number, therefore any taxation and customs costs must be covered by the customer and will not be collected or covered by E&T. 
Our Etsy storefront will have a limited selection of goods, however if you'd like to request certain items currently in our inventory, please let us know at @eggntoaststore on twitter or via email at eggandtoaststore@gmail.com! 
Why do shipping prices fluctuate so much between products?
All our products are stored together and come from the same shipping point, however certain products may be shipped alone to aid in the item’s safety during the shipping process. Certain items such as prints, stuffed items, notebooks and large acrylic pieces may be shipped separately from other items ordered because they require specific packaging that does not suit other items. (ie. a print will be shipped in a mailing tube, however acrylic charms do not fit in said tubes and would be sent in an accompanying mailer).
If you have any other questions please reach out to us on Twitter @eggntoaststore or through our email eggandtoaststore@gmail.com!
Thank you so much!🤗💞✨